2014 Fishing season

Halibut fishing between Victoira, B.C. and Sooke, B.C. this past season was excellent and limits were the norm on the majority of my trips. Halibut size ranged throughout the season and as usual, August through to October produced larger fish on the average. In fact, after DFO increased the limit to two fish on September 01st, catching a Halibut under twenty pounds was pretty much impossible.

Chinook Salmon fishing between Victoria, B.C. and Sooke, B.C.  was consistent throughout the season, but on average the size of the fish were smaller than past seasons. Winter Chinook fishing up until the end of December was excellent.

Coho fishing fishing between Victoria, B.C. and Sooke, B.C. was excellent from July to the end of October. DFO allowed the retention of one marked and one unmarked fish as of September 01st. This was an excellent fishery and we can only hope that we have at the least the same access in 2015.

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