Salmon fishing to mid May

Salmon fishing has been exceptional of late, with good catches of both marked Chinook Salmon and Chinook under 67 cm. The fishing depth’s have been all over the map, but staying with the usual pattern of being shallow in the early morning and getting deeper as the morning wears on. My best combination’s have been the red blade Gibbs Delta Moon Glow / Glow flasher with the Anchovy Special Gibbs Delta Bloody nose and the Gibbs Delta No Bananas flasher on the Anchovy Special Lemon/ Lime/ Glow. I have been using a 6.5′ leader and fishing Anchovy. Fishing the wall, the kelp bed and around the Can in Pedder Bay has been very productive at times when it has been to windy go elsewhere. Church Rock, the trap, Beechy Head, Possession Point and Secretary Island have also been producing well.

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